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Company Description

Company Profile

Hina Environmental Solutions, LLC, is a Columbus, Ohio based environmental company focusing on Testing and Abatement of Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint and Mold Remediation

Mission Statement

The Mission of Hina  Environmental Solutions, LLC, is to provide superior, innovative solutions to our client’s environmental needs and to provide our team leaders with meaningful work and advancement opportunities which, commands a sustainable competitive advantage.

Specialized Services

Asbestos Testing: We offer partial or complete asbestos Inspections of residential structures, commercial properties, industrial sites, hospitals and other structures. These inspections can be completed for remodeling projects, sell of structure, burn demolition and razed demolition and are fully OSHA and NESHAPS compliant.

Asbestos Abatement: We offer superior full turnkey abatement service for residential properties, multi-family units, schools, colleges, commercial buildings, industrial sites, hospitals, institutional, and general contractors. Although Hina Environmental Solutions, LLC is newly established, each member of our team has many years of experience and has established a reputation for excellence in their fields.

Lead-Based Paint Testing: We offer partial or complete lead-based paint inspections for residential structures, multi-family units, and schools, commercial and industrial sites. HES uses the Niton XRF for fast, accurate, non-destructive testing and downloads. If you are an owner, landlord, seller, buyer, contractor, Institution or industry we can complete the lead-based inspection, risk assessment and clearance testing for you with complete confidence of being compliant with OSHA, HUD, CHIP, Ohio Department of Health, Ohio EPA and disclosure requirements.

Lead Based Paint Abatement: Fully trained and licensed by the Ohio Department of Health HES lead specialist offer professional Lead-Based Paint removal, encapsulation, component removal and replacement as well as interim-controls. Whether your project is a private residence, state or federally funded project, commercial or industrial site we have the proper solution for you.

Residential Rehab: Due to the fact that most Lead-Based Paint projects are component removal and replacement, HES team members are qualified carpenters by trade first before becoming lead certified. Therefore, HES can perform the rehab portion of your project. Our staff has completed many renovations for the City of Columbus, Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission and City of Marysville. We are also a licensed City of Columbus Home Improvement Contractor.

Mold Remediation: In recent years indoor quality has become a high concern in schools, commercial properties and private residences. HES offers professional remediation and replacement of mold damaged materials. We follow third party consultant specifications followed by visual, air and swab completion testing. Our work is not completed until the consultant and owner give us their seal of approval.

Radon Testing & Mitigation: HES, a licensed Radon Contractor maintains a staff of Ohio Department of Health licensed Radon Mitigation Specialists. We can provide certified testing for real estate transactions using Radalink test equipment. If needed, we can reduce your radon levels by installing a Radon Mitigation System.

Our Core Values

Customer Relationships: We are committed to the highest ethics and integrity. We exist to serve our customers and to earn their trust, confidence and repeat business.

Team Work:  We strive to produce results far beyond the capabilities of individuals by working as a team. Our Team Leaders are creative and enterprising specialists.

Team Leaders: Each member of our Team is fully licensed by the Ohio Department of Health and is trained to meet and exceed all regulations by Federal EPA, Ohio EPA, NESHAPS and OSHA. We use a certified merit system for hiring and evaluating our Team Members. Our success requires us to trust in our Team Leaders, respect their individual contributions and make a commitment to their personal and professional development.

Action / Flexibility: We will act aggressively with clear purpose and a sense of urgency yet be flexible and adapt to change quickly. We encourage our Team Leaders to make a difference in your life.

Economic Mission: We will operate the Company on a sustainable profitable growth but only from the work that satisfies customer needs and that benefits the partnership. We strive for our client’s seal of approval.

Productivity / Recognition: We foster and cultivate an environment where high performance and break through achievements are valued and recognized for their efforts.


In pursuing our Mission Statement and Values Hina Environmental Solutions, LLC will continue to build our foundation and future success by partnering with our clients. Through open communication with Customers, Team Leaders and the community we will adapt to our changing times while holding true to our fundamentals that support our growth and future.

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